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Name: Emily
Preferred pronoun: She/hers
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Any other characters currently in-game? Mary Katherine Blackwood

Name: Vriska Serket, the second Marchioness Mindfang
Source: Bustlestuck AU
Canon point: I’ll say the cut-off at the latest update. Vriska knows essentially every Homestuck canon character, or knows of their ancestors (all of whom are of historical importance in Bustlestuck). Some of them are still alive, like Condesce and GHB, Redglare, Disciple, and Psiioniic. She is also acquainted with Rose, Dave, John, and Jade (Rose and John especially).
Gender: Female
Age: 16 sweeps
Colour: #005682
Chumhandle: athanasianGilt

History: Bustlestuck takes place in a city occupied by troll and human aristocracy, where the titled upperclass is being gradually subsumed by the bourgeoisie. Vriska is claimant to the Marchioness Mindfang’s legacy, but has lost her money to gambling and her reputation to... being herself. She hopes to gain it all back in a risky business move with would-be steel tycoon Mr. John Egbert, and in the meantime she’s courting, in her way: Mr. Egbert, the Honorable Miss Rose Lalonde, Prince Eridan, the actress Kanaya Maryam (who she’s just thrown off), and the young protege of the famous barrister Redglare.

Personality: Boastful. Accusatory. Craving attention.

She’s not too much different from canon Vriska, but the sweeps have taken their toll... Vriska’s also tired, desperate, and in dire financial straits. She’s a fine example of troll aristocracy, murdering willy-nilly and making her way in the world, but now that she’s down on her luck she has to make do in whatever way she can. We’ve described her as a troll Lily Bart whose wiles~ and underhanded schemes are the only key to her survival.

But it’s not really her fault, is it? she wonders. Vriska simply doesn’t do wrong; she is the model of a gentletroll, having secured her fortune by fang, horn, and claw. So she killed a few people, quadrant-mates included-- so she’s planning on killing a few more-- this is what happens when you gamble, right? She lives her life by chance alone, viewing everything as another opportunity to roll the dice. She could snag a millionaire! She could be notorious! But in trying to live up to her ancestor, Vriska has exhausted herself of every resource, including companionship. She has killed, jilted, and otherwise really worked over her partners as she pleases; suddenly, no one wants to care for her, nobody even hates her, she’s insignificant and irrelevant and it simply will not do. Losing face means going back to the streets and sewers, where almost every grub starts their life. Disgrace means a possible culling.

Vriska is also extremely decadent, and she comes off as nouveau riche. Now that she’s lost her standing in society, she needs to display her advantages. They are apparently dead animals?

Abilities & physical limitations: Vriska retains her telepathic abilities, and her dreamself retains the vision eightfold. Otherwise, she relies on her own wits.

Appearance: Tall, narrow, muscled, but otherwise Vriska. She has a robotic (??) left arm, an eyepatch, and a cool cleft chin. Wears horrible 1880s dresses, mostly in blue, all satin and trimmed with fur. See link.

Notable AU differences, if applicable: In Bustlestuck, EVERYONE WEARS A PRETTY DRESS because it’s 1885. Vriska is much older, and in dire financial straits. She is trying to find her way back to fortune by vying for the attentions of multiple suitors and investing money she doesn’t have.

Strife Specibus: Dicekind

Prototyping: A fairy painting belonging to her deceased husband, covered in graffiti
A chair made from her husband's horns

Title: Doyenne of Dash

In-game abilities: The Doyenne is a senior member of a group-- you might say that the thief is her junior counterpart. Vriska’s abilities of Dash rely on the word’s various meanings: to strike or smash violently, to make a hasty or sudden movement, to make a striking or ostentatious impression, etc. They’re also connected with her theme of gambling, chance, or luck, and her need to get by however she can. Basically, in times of absolute necessity (e.g. another massive underling swarm, a denizen battle), Vriska can draw on others’ reserves of power without consent, and then call a vastly powerful physical attack. It can only be used once before it drains her completely; after that she contracts the vapours and faints.

Otherwise, Dash helps her move quickly.

Planet: The Land of Furs and Feathers
A lopsided planet covered in fur and feather hide; everything has been stuffed and stitched together by the dexterous vulture consorts. The denizen Ananke has crept into the stuffing, and is splitting the planet from the inside out: great tufts of mouldering cotton and swathes of mildew mar the landscape.

RP sample: … ?? But also, the following posts with Rose and Vriska, in order:


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Vriska Serket, the Second Marchioness Mindfang

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